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I am a self taught independent artist on the rise, sharing my gift with the world as many opportunities and platforms present themselves to me along the way.   While creating a fresh sound I feel the world needs to hear, I also bring creativity, confidence, style and more feel to music bridging the gap between old and new style music. I am an R&B/Soul artist who’s just giving the people something that they can feel.  My name is TRUTH. Bold, simple, and speaks volume. Everything I write/sing about is true to what’s real, and true to me...My music not only feeds the ear but it reaches the soul. It’s made to heal, reveal, and help others in as many ways that it can. I feel that I have something that goes well beyond singing and I use music as a forefront to stage myself as for who I really am. When you hear my music you’re getting me…TRUTH.

Truth: Welcome
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