I'm the Queen

“DON'T JUDGE ME, BUT LOVE Me. now it’s time to share me with the world.”



Quick Facts


Quintetta Samone Ausha Thompson aka “Queen” (born March 2, 1990) is a diversified American Songwriter, Vocalist, and Dancer. Thompson was born in Vidalia, Georgia. Vidalia is a city located primarily in Toombs County, about 172 miles southeast to Atlanta Georgia. Born to Anthony Thompson (Father), and Janet Daniel (Mother) Queen is the second oldest of six siblings; Brother: Johnathan Bell (25), Sister: Yasha Thompson (22), Brother: Anthony Thompson (14), Brother: Alexander Thompson (6), Brother: Gabriel Thompson. (10), and adopted Sister Kadessha Thompson (3).   


Early Life and Heritage

Queen grow up in a single parent home from five years of age with her mother who previously worked in nursing; but is now a social worker, and an involved father who worked as a sensei and security officer. While growing up Queen’s grandmother Rosa Hogans would aid in her rearing to sing in Church, and be involved in the Summersett family tradition. The Summersett family is from Queen’s mother maiden family. Queen would be influenced by watching the Summersett family members perform and showcase their talents.

Queen was different as a child while growing up. Some may have defined her as a golden child because of her gifts to write and sing at such an early age. By the age of thirteen Queen began to write lyrics that would later become hits. Her quest to break into the music industry started with a girls group “AKQ” where Queen would write 10 songs while on a trip to a rehearsal location. The group AKQ was short lived, but this did not deter Queen.  She would restart at the age of fifteen when her soon to be best friend named James Faison would connect with Queen and her sister Yasha after hearing them sing at their middle school talent show. With the vocal ability of Queen, Yasha, and James, they would form a local singing group called 2Fly, and began to raise money to support themselves. The group would also make a brief effort to contact the father of Beyoncé Knowles, with whom they never made a connection. As time continued Queen would return to the teenage usual life as the group dissipated.




While in high school Queen would participate in cheerleading, step teams, and dance groups were she developed her talent for dancing. She was a high energy participant of the arts. In her junior year at high school Queen would discover that she was pregnant with her son Dareuss Jackson Jr., who would later be born with autism. She would graduate from high school, but find herself as a single parent responsible to raise the young Jackson Jr.  Queen also later pursued an education at Middle College GA in Statesboro.


             Music Experience


             Royalty would be the true beginning of Queen’s music career. She would connect with her best friend Keaundra to write        the  hit song “Confessions of a Broken Heart”. A reunion with James Faison also occurred, and after rehearsing several songs they would record songs with Luther Wardlaw from the gospel group the Wardlaw Brothers. After taking notice of the talented group James sister Fern Johnson decided to manage the group under the name Royalty. The group immediately moved to Atlanta, GA to perform at the open mic Apache and Shed a well-known venue for upcoming artist. After doing some radio interviews Queen began to succumb to the reality of the needs of her son Jackson Jr. who required special care given his autism. She would soon part ways with the group for this reason.




After departure from Royalty in 2012 she moved to Wisconsin while being involved in a relationship. As a child Queen had witness the abuse of her mother, and would later as a young adult share that experience. In 2013 she decided to end the relationship and returned back to her music career. While in Wisconsin she would record “Forbidden Love”, “Bust That”, and in Florida record “Toni Tone” a song that depicts a fictitious character based off true events in her life. She would perform at open mic sessions, and join a music industry class with the fame wizard David Stern and a famous dancer Ghezzi as a mentor. She currently resides in Merritt Island, Florida on the verge of her biggest break.