Enyx Da Mithrel Stone




Karrehl Moore aka DNG's Enyx was born September 8th 1990 from Elmhurst Hospital in Astoria of Queens, NY.


On September 8th 1990 at 10:30PM Enyx became the first son of Tracy Howard and Christopher Moore. Nearing the end of age of 3 getting ready to turn 4 in a few months Karrehl moved from NY to Durham, NC where he soon attended a day care center that his grandmother Eleanor Moore worked at known as Kinder Care. With a master's degree in childhood early education and having five boys Karrehl's grandmother had a huge part in raising and taking care of him as a child. He went to and graduated from Forrest View Elementary School and soon attend DSA for a short time before leaving back to NY late in 2001 with his father Christopher aka Cj Moore. 


Before growing up around his father Karrehl had sung in the church choir as a kid yet thus due to the movement no longer did so. However, after finally seeing what his father Cj did in his prime it gave him the core inspiration to work towards music. CJ at the time had is own record label: Biggamen Entertainment where as before he was part of Iron Clad (and partnered with Tito) and prior talk that Black By Demand (Where he premiered his hit video "Dearly Beloved" by Black By Demand.


Throughout middle school in New York at MS 104 Karrehl gravitated around poetry and soon enough into rap once he reached 9th grade in high school. By this time he had a few friends who worked on music themselves. One main inspiration (and crush) whom at the time was a rap artist for 187 Productions was Yafreici Peralta. The others were of his main circle of friends who with Enyx formed a rock band called Agent Phenomenon: Marc Nadela (lead guitarist) ,Gino Nadela (guitarist/ vocalist), Pedro Relvas (rapper/ guitarist), and Brian Pozo (percussionist), and finally Enyx himself (pianist/ bass player). Right from the beginning of high school people started to recognize Karrehl as Enyx due to his "outcastish" ways and difference in aura and personality.


More so during this era Enyx was a straight "A" student with concentrated classes in computer programing and architectural design as well as the star pitcher for his baseball team both on high school level and outside league ball in ages 17 - 19 as a 15 year old yet as the main center fielder (taking up from his cousin David Justice whom retired from the major leagues).


By the age of 17 Enyx began to hone in more of his abilities to sing, write, and play music upon all scales. 3 years before he left New York in 2008 to head back down to NC for school at NCCU he took up boxing from his father and once touched down continued and still continues to train, but also in other forms of martial arts. Being "fresh meat" as what he was briefly called at NCCU Enyx continued to make music and be that guy everyone on campus knows as "that singing guy who never takes off his shades". Now joining DNG in his "New Era" as the baby Enyx strives, urns, and envisions his image in lights for those he influences and reaches in any fashion to see.