Darrell C. Parker, known as PURPOSE, is an American singer, songwriter, poet, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and manager of the music production company DaNuGen. Even though Mr. Parker is also CEO of IT Consulting, his background and experience in music and entertainment earned him a later appointed role as Chief Executive of Promotions/A&R for the Bull City Music Group, LLC in Durham, North Carolina. Although Mr. Parker emerged from very humble beginnings and was an active participant in the youth choir at church, he was noticeably gifted in music. During his youth, he was frequently asked to performed for Senators and Governors in North Carolina. He also received numerous invitations from various organizations including two while involved in electric vehicles racing competitions at Richmond International Raceway, and Firebird Raceway,Pheonix AZ to perform the National Anthem. Music has always been part of his rich family legacy. Mr. Parker shares a family tree with his cousins, the American R&B group Force MDs. They are known for two of their soulful hits in the 80's titled "Tender Love" and "Love Is A House."  "Tender Love" helped to garner a Grammy Award for Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis as Producer of the Year. In addition, "Love Is A House" went on to become a #1 hit in 1987 on the R&B Charts.

Even though Mr. Parker had an established family legacy in the music industry, he went in a different direction by enlisting in the United States Marine Corps. During his years in the USMC he pursued a career in IT and later attended school to earn his Bachelors degree in Computer Science. However, it was through Mr. Parker's six year custody battle over his children that inspired him to pursue music again. After finally winning sole custody, he begin writing songs. Mr. Parker stated,  "Music became my outlet in order to heal from what seem to be at the time a soul destroying journey." It was also Mr. Parker's belief in God that he credits for allowing him to persevere through those turbulent years. He stated, "I believe God has angels who are placed in our life to watch over and guide us to our God given purpose." With the wind at his back and God on his side, Mr. Parker embraces the blessings of God with his children and music career.

Current Endeavors:

1. Ceo of CompuTech Professionals LLC

2. Ceo of DaNuGen Artists Music Group

3. Former Chief Executives of Promotions and A&R Rep. "Bull City Music Group"

4. Ceo/Designer/Founder of UB Clothing Line

5. Owner of DaNuGen Entertainment Caf'e

6. Music Career as artists PURPOSE