I'm T.O.Q. The Beast




Tennyson Omar Quest BKA “T.O.Q”, AKA “T.O.Q. D@ B3@$T” was born (September 1st, 1993) at St.Marry’s Hospital in West Palm Beach Florida to Stephanie(mother) who is a singer in a gospel choir, and Dudley Quest(father) who is currently a musician/reggae artist. My up bringing was in multiple parts of Palm Beach County between Lake Worth and Lake Park.

He is the middle of three siblings: Hughston Williams(older brother), and Typhanie Quest(younger sister).

T.O.Q. is a diverse artist of many genres of  music. R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae, Soft Rock, and Neo Soul are just a few to mention.

He is now in the process of promoting “The Journey”; a new album that is soon be released. I belong to a music group  called “DNG” AKA “Da Nu Gen”, which is an aspiring group of young talented individuals on the brink of success within the music industry.

T.O.Q. discovered his musical talents early while in elementary school. Despite being quite shy to a point of  hiding behind the stage curtain, T.O.Q. voice was enjoyed by many fellow classmates while participating in numerous talent shows, and pep-rallies throughout middle high school. Tennyson began to take his music abilities more serious once becoming a sophomore in high school. He started recording in makeshift studio in-home, and wherever was most convenient. Later within the summer T.O.Q would attended a teen summer camp where he met George Bostic AKA “Lil Stank” whom would become T.O.Q. ‘s inspiration. Through this connection with “Lil Stank”; T.O.Q’s musicality would be ignited into a music group called  “House Of Flames” aka HOFMG. House of  Flames consisted of  T.O.Q., Nardo(CEO/ hip hop artist), P World(hip hop/ R&B artist) Lil Stank(hip hop artist/show planner), Pitt (R&B/hip hop artist), Bottom Boi Approved aka BBA(consisting of 4 hip hop artist, Peezy, Roc Bo, Tragedy, and Murda Reap.

Despite many obstacles that the group would had to overcome, and disputes; it was at the end of the day all about the music. Every weekend someone from the group would have a gig a night club as a guest, or feature performance. The group made many contacts, and built quite a handsome fan base. However, once business began to mix with pleasure the flames of the group would began to diminish.  With the refusal to surcome to the groups obstacles; T.O.Q. would rekindle his flame with the freshness of his new group D.N.G and new management. T.O.Q.’s goals, and career plans are now begging to be realized with the help of his new manager Darrell C. Parker, founder of  “Da Nu Gen”. T.O.Q.  voice will be heard across the globe as his flame gives light to nations.